Lower Eyelid Surgery for Puffy Lower Lids and Unsightly Bags

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by: Vishnu Rumalla

Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) helps reduce the puffiness and bags below the lower eyelids. It's a good anti-aging facial plastic surgery.


A Breast Lift Can Restore a Perky Bust Line after Pregnancy

File under: Breast Lift Plastic Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

After pregnancy, women can improve the location of the breasts and restore a more youthful bust line through breast lift surgery.


A Tummy Tuck Can Help Women Restore their Figure after Pregnancy

File under: Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

Dr. Vishnu Rumalla discusses the benefits of undergoing tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy to restore your figure.


Compression Garment Benefits After Undergoing Body Contouring Surgery

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by: Vishnu Rumalla

Compression garments can benefit body contouring surgery patients by providing support for the torso, reducing swelling, and offering psychological comfort.