Candidates for Facelift Surgery

File under: Facelift Facial Plastic Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

Facelift is a great option to consider for people who have lines and sagging in the upper cheek area or wrinkles at the sides of the eyes.


Preventing Skin Dimpling after Liposuction

File under: Liposuction Plastic Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

Dr. Vishnu Rumalla explains the causes of dimpling after liposuction and how to best prevent and/or treat this condition.


Lower Eyelid Surgery for Puffy Lower Lids and Unsightly Bags

File under: Facial Plastic Surgery Eyelid Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) helps reduce the puffiness and bags below the lower eyelids. It's a good anti-aging facial plastic surgery.


A Breast Lift Can Restore a Perky Bust Line after Pregnancy

File under: Breast Lift Plastic Surgery
by: Vishnu Rumalla

After pregnancy, women can improve the location of the breasts and restore a more youthful bust line through breast lift surgery.