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Dr. Vishnu Rumalla

Sep 30
Tagged with: Plastic Surgery
Making lifestyle changes before you undergo plastic surgery can improve the results, minimize side effects, and prevent complications.
Sep 2

Find out the difference between breast augmentation versus breast lift surgery in this overview from Dr. Vishnu Rumalla.

Jul 30
Abdominal liposuction is a great option for the lower abdomen and the love handles. It's effective body contouring and fat removal.
Jul 1

Plastic surgeon Vishnu Rumalla offers capsular contracture treatment so patients can achieve the results they desire from breast augmentation surgery.

May 31
Tagged with: Dermal Fillers

Are you a good candidate for dermal fillers? If these four signs apply to you, dermal fillers may be right for you.

Apr 30

Nasolabial folds can have a negative impact on your overall appearance. Dermal fillers and fat transfer injections are good treatment options.

Mar 30

Marionette lines can have a negative impact on your appearance. Let's look at some good wrinkle reduction treatments to consider.

Mar 1

A breast lift can improve your figure, but what should you expect after the procedure? Learn about the breast lift recovery timeline.

Jan 29

After a facelift, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. When you visit a qualified surgeon, long-term complications are rare.

Dec 29

The inframammary breast augmentation surgery technique is a common incision method for placing implants.

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