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Dr. Vishnu Rumalla

Jan 29

After a facelift, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. When you visit a qualified surgeon, long-term complications are rare.

Dec 29

The inframammary breast augmentation surgery technique is a common incision method for placing implants.

Nov 28

The areolar breast augmentation incision technique allows women to enhance their breasts with minimal visible scarring.

Oct 29

Side effects of cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) include soreness, eye irritation, bruising, swelling, and dry eye.

Sep 29

There are many different cosmetic treatments for the thighs, including thigh lift surgery, liposuction, and laser hair removal.

Aug 28

Dr. Rumalla offers several body contouring procedures to remove fat and skin from your arms. Options include arm lifts, liposuction, and Smartlipo®.

Jul 28

Breast lift offers a multitude of outstanding benefits to women with sagging breasts; however, the procedure does have some side effects, too.

Jun 27

Learn how upper eyelid surgery for obscured vision could help you restore your eyesight and revitalize your appearance.

May 28

There are several different techniques for performing breast lift surgery. Find out which one might be best suited to your case.

Apr 28

Dr. Vishnu Rumalla discusses with patients both the benefits and risks of using large implants for breast augmentation.

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