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Thigh Lift Fort Worth

Thigh Lift - Keller, Fort Worth, SouthlakeIf you are experiencing excess loose skin in your thighs, a thigh lift – performed by Dr. Vishnu Rumalla at his practice serving Keller, Forth Worth, and Southlake, Texas – can help you achieve the toned appearance you want.

A thigh lift procedure is designed to remove and tighten the skin of the thigh. When there is little skin laxity, some people may be able to get good improvements in thigh contour with liposuction alone. However when there is a modest to severe excess of skin and fat, an excisional thigh lift procedures is often required. There are many different thigh lift techniques which Dr. Rumalla utilizes to achieve the best results.

Two distinct populations come to our Keller practice seeking Dr. Rumalla’s advice for a thigh lift. The first group is moms who after pregnancy find they have increased laxity or looseness in the inner thigh region but minimal skin and fat. For these women, a thigh lift procedure utilizing a horizontal parallel incision to the groin crease can be performed.

The second population who seek an opinion with Dr. Rumalla is massive weight loss patients. Significant weight gain followed by successful weight loss leads to increased skin, fat, and laxity in the thigh. For these patients Dr. Rumalla usually has to perform a thigh lift procedure which uses a vertical incision that can run the entire length of the inner thigh. Please click on the 3D video animation icon to view virtual surgery and get further information about thigh lift procedures.

While the full recovery from a thigh lift procedure usually takes several weeks and the scars mature over a year, most people can be back at work within several days and running within three weeks. To learn more about thigh lift surgery, set up a courtesy cosmetic consultation at our Keller practice serving Fort Worth and Southlake to discuss your thigh lift goals with Dr. Rumalla.

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