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Post-Weight Loss Contouring Fort Worth

Post-Weight Loss Contouring - Keller, Fort Worth, SouthlakeMassive weight loss surgery can provide you with many benefits, but often results in loose skin and muscles that can look unattractive. Dr. Vishnu Rumalla can combine tummy tuck, breast lift, and more into a customized body contouring procedure to help correct these conditions at his practice serving Keller, Fort Worth and Southlake, Texas.

The effects of obesity on health and quality of life have been well documented. Over the past decade, we have been seeing a large number of patients at our practice after massive weight loss, looking to improve their shape and form.  These patients usually fall into two groups:  the first group is patients who have had bariatric surgery, like gastric bypass and lap bands; the second group of patients has accomplished their weight loss through diet and exercise, sometimes with the assistance of medically supervised weight management through their primary care doctor or specialized weight loss centers. In either case, the effects of massive weight loss on the appearance of the body are often dramatic.  Though patients are thrilled with the overall improvement in fitness and wellness, they are often left with loose skin and muscles which lead to saggy tissues and an aged appearance which inhibits patients from fully realizing their transformations.  

Our Keller practice provides body contouring as a way to help patients enjoy the benefits of weight loss and an enhanced, healthier figure. We tell our post-weight loss patients there are three things that your surgeon controls in regards to any operation, these are who we operate on, the timing of such operation, and the operation we choose to offer. When it comes to massive weight loss, these questions are crucial to safely achieve the desired result.

  1. Who we operate on: Patients who have had massive weight loss enjoy improvement in their overall medical condition, but still may have conditions like diabetes and hypertension. We want these conditions to be well managed. For patients who have had bariatric surgery, they may have metabolic problems like electrolyte imbalances or anemia which need to be corrected prior to surgery. Dr. Rumalla often coordinate care with his patient’s primary care doctor to achieve these goals.
  1. The timing of operation: Deciding on when to operate centers around the patient’s ultimate desires including final weight, dimensions, clothes size, etc. We all have different ideals which are reflected by our frames and height. Patients are ready for body contouring when they have come close to their ideal body weight or have plateaued in weight loss for several months despite their best efforts.
  1. Operations we choose: Weight loss patients come to us with a vast array of concerns, from their abdomen and breasts to their arms, lower extremities, and face.  Procedures like tummy tucks, body lifts, breast lifts with or without implants, arm and thigh lifts, facelifts, and liposuction can be used to reverse the signs of gravity, age, and weight loss. It is important for patients to realize that these operations may need to be performed over multiple stages depending on the amount of weight loss and number of areas to be addressed to achieve the desired result safely.

During your consultation, Dr. Rumalla will clarify these questions and map out a plan customized for your needs. Patients often ask what role health insurance can play. Insurance companies will often consider paying for a significant breast reduction and sometimes may pay for a panniculectomy (excision of skin below the pubis which may lead to wounds).  During your consultation, we will be able to map out your surgical plan, give you exact costs, and prepare you for your post-operative course. Please view the 3-D video on our site to learn more about individual procedures. Good luck to all of you working hard to lose your weight and we hope to meet some of you soon so that we can communicate with your primary care doctor to make sure you are a good surgical candidate. If you are interested in learning how body contouring can complement your weight loss, contact our Keller, Fort Worth, or Southlake office today.

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