Complication Warning Signs After Plastic Surgery By Vishnu Rumalla on September 03, 2018

Preparing a patient for plastic surgeryDr. Vishnu Rumalla believes that the best plastic surgery results come when patients understand the full recovery process. This includes knowing the warning signs of surgical complications. That’s why our Fort Worth, TX plastic surgery center offers ample post-op instructions for all of our patients, whether they undergo body contouring surgery for excessive fat and loose skin or facial rejuvenation to combat lines and wrinkles.

We at Tarrant Plastic Surgery would like to offer this helpful list of post-surgical complication warning signs. If you notice anything listed below following your surgery, be sure to contact our practice as soon as possible.

Bleeding After Surgery

A tiny bit of bleeding a day after surgery is pretty normal. Steady bleeding for more than a day or excessive bleeding generally means that there is a problem. The wound may not be sealed properly, or you might be suffering from internal injuries that require immediate professional attention.

Pain Gets Worse

Pain is common for the first days after surgery, but it tends to improve day by day as you heal. If pain gets worse or is not managed by the use of pain killers, that is generally a sign that there’s a post-surgical complication of some kind.

Excessive Swelling

Swelling will usually last for about two weeks, with some minor swelling for a few weeks after that. If you notice that swelling becomes excessive as you recover, that is never a good sign. It’s important that you avoid trying to drain the accumulated fluid yourself and instead seek medical attention.

Spread of Bruising

Bruising is common after surgery, and tends to fade over the course of two to three weeks. If the bruising gets worse or spreads beyond the initial area it formed, that’s usually a sign that your recovery is not going well.

Heat Around the Surgical Site

The area around the surgical site may be warm as you recover, but return to normal temperature as you continue the healing process. If it gets hot, that’s often a sign of a post-surgical infection that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Cold, Flu, or Fever

If you come down with cold-life symptoms, flu-like symptoms, or a fever while you are recovering, those could be potential signs of an infection. Be mindful of these symptoms if they pair or combine with any of the other symptoms listed on this post.

Off-Putting Fluid Discharge

May people will have drainage tubes in place to help reduce excessive swelling and fluid accumulation. The fluid that drains is usually light pink in color and generally clear. If you notice pus, discoloration, or excessive fluid being drained, this might be the sign of something wrong.

Unpleasant Smell

The nose knows what’s good and what’s bad. If you notice any kind of unpleasant odors while you are recovering, it’s important that you mention that to your plastic surgeon. This could be a telltale sign of infection or worse complications.

Pain or Swelling in Your Legs

If you don’t walk around or move around after surgery, you could develop dangerous blood clots in the legs. This can wind up causing blood clots in the lungs, a complication that could be deadly. Walk around at least a few minutes several times a day as you heal, and note any pain or swelling in the legs as soon as it occurs.

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For more information about recovering from surgery and how to do so free from complications, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. You can reach our Fort Worth office by phone at (817) 334-0030, our Southlake office by phone at (817) 741-6801, and our Keller office by phone at (817) 741-6800.

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