Dynamic vs. Static Wrinkles By Vishnu Rumalla on December 06, 2018

Woman with smooth facial skinAs the skin ages, it naturally loses it elasticity. This, along with environmental damage and worn facial muscles, can cause wrinkles and creases around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

There are many cosmetic treatments that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles to restore a more youthful aesthetic. Facial plastic surgery lifts, smooths, and tightens the skin. Or cosmetic injectables can be used to fill in wrinkles or prevent their formation altogether.

The key to successful treatment is finding a solution that is well-suited to the problem. For instance, there are two types of wrinkles: dynamic and static.

Here, Dr. Vishnu Rumalla considers the key differences between dynamic vs. static wrinkles so that he can offer our Fort Worth, TX patients a cosmetic treatment plan that will address their specific needs and provide the results they desire.

What Are Dynamic Wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles are those that are linked to movement. When a person expresses an emotion, whether it be joy, surprise, or sadness, the facial muscles are involved. Dynamic wrinkles are the lines and creases that appear while the facial muscles are moving.

Examples of dynamic wrinkles include:

  • Frown lines
  • Laugh lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead wrinkles

One of the things that distinguishes dynamic wrinkles from static wrinkles is that, when patients are young, they go away just as quickly as they appear. However, as patients age, dynamic wrinkles can become permanent.

Treating Dynamic Wrinkles

Many people choose not to treat dynamic wrinkles because they feel they help show personality and expression. However, if dynamic wrinkles are severe and make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance, they can consider cosmetic treatment.

The best treatment option for dynamic wrinkles is BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily paralyzes certain facial muscles to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles.

What Are Static Wrinkles?

Static wrinkles are the lines and creases that are constantly present on a person’s face. Even when the face is at rest, these lines can make a person look worried, angry, or simply worn down.

Static wrinkles can be frustrating because they often begin to form much earlier than a person would expect, and only worsen over time. Static wrinkles can develop on any part of the face or neck, but are especially common around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks.

Treating Static Wrinkles

Since static wrinkles are not linked to muscle movement, they will not respond to BOTOX® Cosmetic. However, if patients want to consider a minimally invasive treatment method, they can opt for cosmetic fillers.

These injectables add volume to areas of the face to fill in lines or hollowed out areas. Cosmetic injectables are effective, but treatment will need to be repeated to maintain results.

Patients who want a more permanent solution to static wrinkles can consider facial plastic surgery. During a cosmetic surgery procedure, excess tissues are removed, facial muscles may be manipulated, and the skin is re-draped. This rejuvenates the patient’s appearance while producing natural looking results.

Depending on where the wrinkles are present, a patient may be an ideal candidate for a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or a facelift.

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