Sleeping Position After Breast Augmentation By Vishnu Rumalla on February 14, 2020

A woman getting a good night's sleepA person’s life can change in a number of important ways after breast augmentation surgery. In addition to increased confidence and better self-esteem, it’s not uncommon for patients to experience changes in the way they exercise, dress, and even the way they sleep. This is why Fort Worth, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Vishnu Rumalla takes great care explaining life after breast augmentation surgery. It gives patients a good idea of what to expect.

Below, the team at Tarrant Plastic Surgery would like to discuss how breast implants affect your sleeping position. We’ll note the ideal sleeping position while you heal, and how to improve overall comfort while you’re resting at night.

Sleep Position as You Recover from Breast Augmentation

While recovering from breast augmentation surgery, the best sleeping position is on your back with your body propped up by a few pillows. This doesn’t put too much strain on either breast (an issue with sleeping on your side). This also allows the incision sites to heal fully without direct pressure or excessive friction (an issue with sleeping on your stomach).

While sleeping, be sure to wear your surgical bra. This will offer support to the breasts and ensure a quick recovery with as few complications as possible.

Sleeping on Your Back with Breast Implants

After breast augmentation surgery, it’s generally most comfortable to sleep on your back. If you’re already a back sleeper, this is great news. Long-term, sleeping on your back can potentially prevent severe sagging and/or breast asymmetry.

Sleeping on Your Side with Breast Implants

Many breast augmentation patients who come to our Fort Worth practice are side sleepers. Thankfully, you can still sleep on your side after getting breast implants. That said, you may notice a bit more strain caused by the added size and weight of your breast implants.

For comfort, consider sleeping with a pillow beneath your breasts. This will cushion the breasts and offer support during sleep. A pillow can also reduce sagging in the long run, which prevents breast asymmetry.

Can I Sleep on My Stomach with Breast Implants?

You can sleep on your stomach with breast implants, but the extra pressure on your breasts and breast implants might feel very uncomfortable. If you were a stomach sleeper, this could mean changing the way you would usually sleep for the foreseeable future.

It’s best to try sleeping on your stomach again when you’ve fully healed from breast augmentation. If it’s just not comfortable, consider sleeping on your side or finding a way to make sleeping on your back comfortable.

Should I Sleep with a Bra on with Breast Implants?

There is some debate about the pros and cons of sleeping with a bra on. Some feel it can prevent breast sagging, while others feel that it can cause breast sagging. Research finds that genetics and the effects of gravity have great impact on sagging breasts than if you wear a bra at night to bed.

You may find that wearing a sports bra or another sort of supportive garment may feel better now that you have breast implants. Focus on comfort and what helps you get a good night’s rest.

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